Currently gracing our window display are a series of hand printed woodcuts by Sussex based sculptor and letter carver Jo Sweeting. The ‘Shul’ Blockheads are carved from a piece of Japanese plywood, and printed using a ball-bearing baron which is a disc used by hand for applying pressure to take the inked paper print direct from the block. The prints are so large that they require handprinting rather than the use of a press, and are made in small editions usually of 5 or 6. They are printed onto Ho Sho or Somerset acid free paper which is strong enough to sustain the pressure of handprinting.

You can view Jo’s prints that we currently have for sale here on our Jo Sweeting gallery page
To find out more about Jo and her work check out her website here:

Jo says:

‘Shul’ is a concept based on memory. A marking or a memory of something that has left an imprint. It could be a dry riverbed or the hollow an animal makes where it has laid in the grass. These ‘Shul’ Blockheads are about the memory of travelling through landscape and of marks being left in the mind.They are about a moment in time and were responses to Edward Thomas poems formed in the Hampshire downscape.

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