Grey Goose has collaborated with Central Saint Martins alumni to create designs for their limited edition vodka bottles.
Original artwork for these designs was auctioned on 2nd July 2015 with proceeds going to Les Visionnaires Scholarship Fund which gives scholarships to students wanting to study any discipline at CSM.
Picture undertook the framing of these pieces, including artwork by the following artists and designers:

  • Cathy Lomax is an artist, writer and curator who established the artist-led Transition Gallery. ‘Elvis’ is framed in a prefinished black frame with recessing spacer under Art glass (low reflect and UV protecting)
  • Jarvis Cocker is best known as the lead singer of band ‘Pulp’. His artwork ‘Don’t kill me’ is framed in a Larson Juhl profile from Arquadia under UV protecting glass
  • Iain R Webb is an award winning fashion writer and editor for Blitz, Harpers and Queen, the Times and Elle. We box framed his fashion journal in an obeche profile which was hand painted grey and framed under UV protecting glass.
  • Dylan Jones is editor in chief of British GQ and the chair of London Collections: Men. His design, a photo taken in the basement of St Martins, was framed in a prefinished black profile under UV protecting glass.
  • Emily Wardill has had many solo exhibitions and her work is in international collections including Tate Britain. Her artwork is framed in a prefinished black with recessing spacers and UV glass
  • Hannah Martin is an associate lecturer in jewellery design at CSM and established the first fine jewellery house for men. Her artwork is mounted on a grey conservation board in an aluminium profile and UV protecting glass.
  • Will Broome studied fashion at CSM and has collaborated with various designers from Marc Jacobs to Wedgewood. We framed his artwork in a bright orange profile under UV glass.
  • Burton Nitta are Michael Burton and Michiko Nitta, an art and design duo based in London with work exhibited internationally. We box framed their artwork in an obeche profile hand painted with recessing spacers and UV glass.
  • Heidi Kilpel√§inen is an artist, composer and musician under the stage name of HK 119. We have framed her artwork in a prefinished grey profile underneath UV protecting glass.

We attended the auction to watch them go under the hammer, see pictures below.

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