Picture has recently collaborated with artist Tania Kovats to fabricate her design for a limited edition of engraved display cases.
They house sealed flasks which contain specimens of water from one hundred rivers around the British Isles, collected personally by the artist as part of her 2012 artwork ‘Rivers’.
Each sample of water holds the memories of time, place and events, preserving them forever.
The collection of flasks is currently housed in a boathouse at Jupiter Artland in Scotland, more information can be found here: www.jupiterartland.org/

We manufactured the rebated plinth on which the flask stands from a barefaced tulip wood, with the names of the One Hundred Rivers engraved on the backplate. It was then spray painted white and completely enclosed by an acrylic display case, see images below.

Tania’s latest artwork ‘Oceans’ will be exhibited at the Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh from 15th March – 25th May 2014. It brings together water from all the world’s seas and oceans, collected with the help of a global network of people.
Find out more here: http://tania-kovats-oceans.com/

Kovats’ work continues to explore our relationship with the natural world. She has shown widely in the UK and abroad and her work and commissions are in many public and private collections.
In 2009 Kovats made permanent commission, TREE, to commemorate Charles Darwin’s bi-centenary for the ceiling of the Natural History Museum London.

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