A very big thank you to all the schools that entered our Nativity Art Competition!
Below is a gallery of this year’s winning entries, you can click on the images to enlarge them.
The 7 winners from each year group win a £20 voucher.
Our overall winner this year is Leja Filistovec who also wins £250 of art resources for their school, St Augustines.
The winning entries have been framed and are now in our Christmas window display at our gallery on Shepherds Bush Road.
We will contact all schools in the New Year to hand out prizes and framed artworks.
Thanks again for all of your pupils hard work and a very Merry Christmas from all at PICTURE.

Year 6

Emily Nyako – St Peters Year 6 Runner up
Rupert Oliver St Augustines – Year 6 Runner up

Year 5

Beatrice Lafford – St Peters, Year 5 Runner up
Cyrus Lawson – Larmenier & Sacred Heart, Year 5 Runner up

Year 4

Lexi Jordan – St Augustines, Year 4 Runner up
Maddy Hall – St Peters, Year 4 Runner up

Year 3

Rebecca – St Marys, Year 3 Runner up
Marwa Nayebi – Sir John Lillie, Year 3 Runner up

Year 2

Yasmin St – Augustines, Year 2 Runner up
Amalia Minaric – St Peters, Year 2 Runner up

Year 1

David Zefi – St Augustines, Year 1 Runner up
Holly O’Brien – Sir John Lillie, Year 1 Runner up


Joseph Carter – Sir John Lillie, Reception Runner up
Freddie Hayward – Sir John Lillie, Reception Runner up

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