Reclaiming the Forest


artist: Chloe Moncrieff
medium: Oil on card
image size (mm): 210 x 297
frame size (mm): 235 x 320

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Chloe S. Moncrieff’s paintings are rhythmical visualisations, often exploring the relationship between femaleness and the land. 

She’s interested in our cognitive dissonance with nature, how we Disnify it, herald it, yet at the same time destroy it. Frequently informing her work is her concern about the planet’s demise. 

Her work offers an exploration in the earth’s connectivity with many images having allegorical nuances.   Forces are omnipresent in the paintings; the wind, fungi, moons, movement, are all symbolic tropes. There’s uncertainty in the compositions but also visceral life force. She offers a window to sense angst but joy; tumult but a sanctuary.

She has contributed to the Discerning Eye, Auction Collective, Hastings Museum, Sheffield’s Millennium gallery and Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens among others. Finishing the 2023 Turps Art School correspondence course, she is currently preparing for the Cel del Nord residency in Catalonia and two exhibitions in London.


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