Canvas stretching

The most basic method of stretching a canvas is to cut and join a suitable length of timber and pull the work as tight as possible using stretcher pliers. This is referred to as a strainer. The only drawback is that if the work sags over time, there is no way of retightening it except taking it off and starting again.
A better solution is to use ready made stretcher bars which have an interlocking mortice and tenon joint at the corners, with a slot on the inside edge enabling a wedge to be inserted that can be tapped gently to retighten the canvas over time.
The canvas on the left has been stretched using top of the range Bird and Davies stretcher bars which has cross members to stop the bars from bending in the middle under the strain from the canvas.
Bear in mind that at least 50mm of the canvas on all sides will wrap around the frame and will be lost from the front face.


gallery wrap


white edge


rear stapling